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"They were not pushing to make a sale"

Mike's fear was that he would not be present for the sale of the home so he really needed a real estate team he could trust.

Read Mike Abeling's story about his experience with The Bradley Team and what advice he has for you.


Mike Abeling's Experience

Mike was selling his Father In-Laws home that he lived in for 30 years. The unique case with this sale was that Mike lived in California and wouldn't be present for the sale of the home. Mike really needed someone he could trust and he knew he could when it came to the Bradley Team. When dealing with The Bradley’s it was a very reasonable process. The property was a unique sale as it has additional property involved. He tried to sell the property in whole first, when nobody wanted to pay for the additional property we decided with Mickey to split the lots and it sold right away.

Why The Bradley Team?

We interviewed several agents. Full commission brokers, as well as lesser commission brokers. The Bradley agreement met our goals in all areas of the sales process.

What Was A Stressful Moment Of The Process?

The appraisal and home inspection were a concern but the Bradley’s were there for the inspections since we couldn’t be.

How Was The Bradley Team Different?

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Mike's Advice to You

If you're considering selling your home, my advice would be to 

"Don’t be in a hurry and don’t let an agent rush the process just to turn a commission."

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