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4 Ways to Sell Your Real Estate

Mickey Bradley

Mickey Bradley, CRS, e-Pro, Foreclosure REOS Specialist- Broker/Owner Mickey, Team Leader, has been involved in many phases of Treasure Coast Real Es...

Mickey Bradley, CRS, e-Pro, Foreclosure REOS Specialist- Broker/Owner Mickey, Team Leader, has been involved in many phases of Treasure Coast Real Es...

Feb 8 1 minutes read

4 ways to sell YOUR Real Estate

Do you need a quick, no strings attached sale of your property? 

Or do you have the luxury of time to prepare then market your home and wait for a cash or qualified buyer to arrive? 

The methods described below typically apply to residential occupied properties yet can also include certain types of land even commercial realty. 

#1. Cash sale to investor.

While not restricted to neglected or storm damaged properties, it is true that this type of sale typically works best with unwanted properties (estate sales, divorces, unwanted rental houses, etc.) with more deferred maintenance than the property owner(s) can or want to cure. Things such as bad roofs, rotted siding, dated even failing kitchens, bathrooms, flooring or end of life AC units and appliances. Yes this type of sale yields a “below market” price to the sellers YET at the same time the expenses are lower, there are no repairs to do- the property doesn’t even have to be emptied of contents. Closing can be fast- 7-10 days or longer depending on the situation. We are and represent numerous investors that can help make this sale happen.

#2. Auctions

This is not an area of our expertise so our comments will be brief. Auctions are a way to try and maximize the net proceeds to a seller in a limited amount of time. The outcome is a bit more nebulous than the other 3 methods, yet in certain circumstances, could yield the property owner more than anticipated. With that said, we have seen auction purchased properties that bring 60% to 95% of traditional sale value. We would be glad to refer an auction company if this type of effort appeals to you.

#3. Guaranteed "safety net" sale.

This type of sale has been around for years and is best when the seller has some time (yet not an overabundance) to “try” the market. Basically the Realtor & seller arrive at a mutual purchase price in the event the property does not sell in a certain amount of days using modern marketing methods. Then the effort to sell the house at “market” value begins. Recently a recently retired relative of ours in the DC area went this route and sold the home to a traditional buyer before the guaranteed price deadline. They were more than satisfied with the outcome.

#4. Typical MLS Sale

Tried & true! Works best with well kept homes that have been fixed, freshened and fancied up a bit. Time is not an issue. The property is listed in MLS a market value & is then marketed using modern methods including Multiple Listing, web sites, Facebook, other Internet marketing and oh… yes, even “old fashioned” real estate signs!

At Bradley & Associates Real Estate, we’d be happy to serve you. Contact us for a no obligation evaluation to discuss these options with you.

Before Photos of 

#1 Method

After Photos of 

#1 Method

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